Launch new website

Orange Corners is rapidly expanding throughout Africa. Besides our successfull corners in South-Africa, we now have an Orange Corner in Mozambique and are in the process of launching a corner in Angola on April 25th. With even more plans for new Orange Corners it was time to change our communication strategy and create a new online platform. That is why our website is completely renewed!

The general Orange Corners domain used to contain all the information for our South-Africa corners. This is because South-Africa is the place where our very first corner was launched. Now South-Africa will get it’s own URL, just like our other countries. The old URL will from now on link to the general portalpage, from which you can easily access all the existing Orange Corners websites.

On every individual website you can find the information that is applicable to that country, as well as register for Orange Corners programs provided by that Corner.

Do you have any questions or remarks about our new website? Please feel free to share! We always love to hear how we can improve our communication.